Monday, January 1

Whitworth Hall, part 1

Whitworth Hall is a location in Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham which is such a wilderness haven, seemingly untouched by the modern world. The link in the title isn't the official web site, it just has the best photos.
The park is a national park, free to everyone. While there, you can view the lake, which has a statue in the center and lighted tunnel under the bridge. You can feed the geese and the deer, enjoy a hot meal in the restaurant while your children play in the soft play area, then relax in a wonderful Victorian Hotel. We've never been in the hotel, but it is magnificent from the outside. The restaurant seems quite popular too.
The kids had a great time feeding the deer. We promise to go a little earlier next time and get photos with more light (before 4:30pm!). The sun went down so fast and we were kind of cold.

It takes about a bag full of food for the deer to warm up to the people, then they eat out of your hands. The deer seem to like Abigail, she is more their size.

Whitworth Hall, part 2

Here Hannah is trying to get the buck to eat out of her hands. If my camera hadn't run out of juice, I would have gotten the next photo of him actually doing just that! Enjoy! Rhea

Saturday, December 30

Merry Christmas 2006!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family. We had a great day, just us, nice and cozy. We do miss our

friends and family and wish you all the best this holiday season.
The Steels

Blustery Day

A windy day! The wind was about 35-40 mph.

The kids had just gotten home from school, it is about 4:15pm, very dark!

They had a blast though, and lost a few bags!

Caleb's 6th Birthday!

Hello! We are back on after a long break from blogging.
Caleb enjoyed a wonderful 6th birthday. We had a joint party with Joshua (since his is in August and he mates are usually away on holiday). A football party at the local sports center with their favorite coach Craig - it was a blast. Unfortunately I forgot the camera!
It was a great time. A bit of Rustonian trivia, how old was Matthew when we first arrived in Ruston? My how time flies!

Thursday, July 13

Congratulations Matthew!

Yesterday, Jeff and I attended the Year 9 presentations at St. Leonard's secondary school. All of the Year 9 students received a certificate with their 'grades' on them and then there were special awards presented. Matthew has done so well and improved greatly (by several levels) this year. The award pictured at the left was presented to Matthew as well. Mrs. Brown is the Head of Year for Year 9's and she chose a student who showed a positive attitued, was hard working and respecful to students and teachers. An all around exemplary student. Needless to say I am so proud of him I was in tears most of the day every time I thought about it.
What an example of Christ Matthew has been - and we thank God for his Christian spirit and example. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 27

Funny phrases...

Just had to blog this...
We were sitting down for family worship last evening when Dad got a hold of Abigail's bears so that she would sit with him. After stuffing the bears in his pocket (which Abigail thought was a hoot!) Dad asked Abigail to come sit with the bears to which she replied, "(little laugh)...I won't fit in there!" Priceless. She was all too happy to have her picture taken to commemorate the moment.

GREAT NEWS!!! Hannah's appeal to get into St. Leonard's was yesterday. We were phoned in the evening and told that she was accepted. Praise God and thank you everyone for your prayers. Hannah and Mom will be attending St. Leonard's open house this evening all smiles:) Posted by Picasa


It's POPPY time! The poppies are beautiful here. I've made a collage of four types that are just in our garden. The top left are huge (6 inches in diameter or so) orangey red poppies. Top right is a double poppy in a fuscia color. The bottome left is a yellow scottish field poppy. The bottom right is a red field poppy and is seen everywhere like a weed. They grow up in between concrete or on the side of the road. Just beautiful! Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 9

Congratulations Hannah and Sarah on your CONFIRMATION!

Hannah and Sarah were confirmed in the Church of England on the 8th of June 2006. Though they were the youngest in the group, I thing they were the most excited. Pictured here are Bishop Tom Wright, the girl's Godfather Tony Walker and Hannah and Sarah. The weather was beautiful and so was the service. Posted by Picasa
Hannah and Sarah with our new priest, Father Barnaby and their Godfather, Tony Walker. Tony's wife Irene could not be there because she was attending a family funeral. Posted by Picasa
As you can see, there were mny confirmations on this evening all of various ages. I think Hannah and Sarah were the youngest. (This photo was taken about 8:50pm btw:) Only two were being baptized as well as confimed. The baptism was very nice too. Bishop Tom takes a rosemary branch dipped into the font and sprinkles everyone in the congregation as a reminder of their baptism. This night, Bishop Tom commented that he had never had such a large rosemary branch before and those standing closest to him got quite wet! It was a great time and great cause for celebration. In fact, I did see one family breaking out the champagne from the back of their car on the Palace Green! Couldn't wait to get home I guess.
Jeff and I would like to thank all those who have had an influence in Hannah and Sarah's lives and in their spiritual growth. The girls are who they are because of ALL of you and your wonderful faithfulness. Continue to pray for them as they grow in Christ, especially in a more challenging culture. Blessings! Posted by Picasa